Day 1 ended with +37.20 not too bad. Played 4 games again today. And started the same way I ended yesterday, busting early with a fairly loose allin call. This time I was against 88. I had KK and raised he called flop came 3,5,8 he went allin and the rest is history. Out in 844th. 2nd game was the best so far. Started painting some shelves at the same time so played super tight and got enough QQ & KK to pick up enough limpers to survive well ahead of the blinds. Ended up 58th when me pocket QQ's finally gave out. Finishing with 2c winnings haha 3rd game started just before the 2nd finished. So continued the strategy, win a few small pots early and then just sit like a rock until about the 400-500 mark. Lasted to 297th. 4th game was going the way of the 2nd & 3rd when I ran into the dreaded pocket over cards that make the top of a straight draw. And up against the same player that busted me in the 1st game!!. I had pocket 9's. But limped as still a little too early for big pots. 3 callers on the flop which comes 678 and my nemisis moves allin again. I wanted desperately to fold but I had convinced myself that I was right to call last time with atleast 10 outs if I happen to be behind. So I called and nemsis had 78 this time. I missed my straight again and was out in the mid 500s