So I joined up to the PSO League yesterday, and played my first 4 games while I worked today. First tourney was a feeling. Looking at how difficult the competition was and how long the sit outs last. Blinded out at 219th. I thought it was a pretty good result first up. 2nd tourney started almost immediately afterwards. Played a little better, avoided confrontation and manged to avoid blinding out around the 400th mark where it seems to happen. Made 110th to take home 1c haha. But some good points in the league. More than I thought. 3rd tourney was a disapointment lost a few league points I think. Out around the 500th mark. 4th tourney was a disaster. Fairly early on, had 88 and raised 4BBs with about 4 callers. Flop came 765. So over pair and top end of the straight draw. I pushed All-in after a couple of checkers. Got one caller who showed 44. Don't know what they were thinking, under pair to the board and the bottom end of a straight. Anyway, i've been running pretty cold at the moment so the 3 came nice and early on the turn to end my tourney, out in 1000th ish. Dunno how many points I've lost on that but lessons learnt I guess. Avoid allins at all costs