After my brief vacation, yesterday was my first day at the WSOP.  I got all the schedules from other  casinos running their series also.  So, I put together this list for the week.

6/2 WSOP Deepstack    3pm    235buyin      15,000 chips     30 blinds    NLH

6/3 Golden Nugget       12pm    240buyin     12,000 chips      40 blinds    O8

6/4 Golden Nugget      12pm    240buyin      12,000 chips     40 blinds    HORSE

6/5 Binions                      2pm    200buyin       20,0000 chips  40 blinds    HORSE

6/6 WSOP Deepstack   3pm    235buyin       15,000 chips    30 blinds     NLH

6/7 WSOP Deepstack   3pm   235buyin        15,000 chips    30 blinds     NLH

I also had a chance to walk around and sweat a few of my friends playing in various events.  One which ran me across Nanonoko playing in the Millionmaker.  Has a brief intro with him from our days way back when on Stars.  So the excitement is in the air and I'm ready to make some deep runs this year with the ultimate goal of getting into the Main Event.  Let the bankroll building begin.

Results from the 6/2 Deepstack

1,253 entries  $238,070 Prizepool, paid 144 spots with 1st being a little over 43K

I happy with my play but took one cooler with JJ vs QQ, i prob should have been out then but only lost half my stack mid way thru after the 1st break.  But couldnt make the recovery as blinds were starting to get up there. But I def recommed this tourney for the small buyin players.  Now its off to O8 and the journey continues...