Annnnd just to get it out of the way for all the tl;dr people out there, here is your giraffe:

So yeah, 120 tournaments in a month. And I know I know "lol at sample size" . But some of us have other jobs and lives and...stuff.

Alright, so i'll give you guys an idea what I've been doing. Started off with $10 (or you might have known that if you read my post at the beginning of the month but whatever) in an attempt at grinding it up to...something. Ok, I said $30,000. Jokingly. Kinda.

Been playing sets of six (six-tabling is my jam) using a 1% average buy in rule. Which means all six tables don't have to be 10 cents. In fact, when I could, I'd play a 25cent game as long as I threw in a couple of 2 cent ones. And as you can see it's been a fun (fun?) swingy ride!

And here comes the break-down:

Played 28 games of $0.02 990man hypers with an itm of 0% and an roi of...well -100%

Played 64 games of $0.10 360man turbos with an itm of 10.94% and an roi of 25%

Played 20 games of $0.11 MTT turbos with an itm of 40% and an roi of 48%

Played 8 games of $0.25 reg speed games with an itm of 12.5% and an roi of -15% (played a few 90mans in these, then switched to 45s because lower variance til i get momentum. The tracker i use is a free one that doesn't differentiate beween the two. But free is free.)

And now, for all of you who didn't tl:dr what does this all mean?????

Well, not a whole heck of a lot. See before mentioned "lol at sample size" comment.

The only thing I can really take from this is that my graph is heading kinda in the "up" direction(?). And that low sample variance in tournaments can be pretty crazy!

That being said, I'm feeling really good about my game.  It's definitely improved over the course of a month. Highlights would be my 12th and 15th place finishes in the 11 cent mtt.  I usually play the one at 21:00 est with $150Gtd. Usually maxes out at 1600-1800 entrants, super soft field, and around the top 20% make it in the money. Great tournament if you have the smallest of bankrolls. Also came in 4th in a 25cent 45man, and made 4 final table finishes in the 10cent 360's, highest being 4th place. I'll probably look back at those in the next few days to see what I might have to change in my late game to take down one of these.

So yeah, feeling good. Making progress. 1st place finish on the horizon.

And totally, totally tl:dr! 

Good luck at the tables!