So the last two weeks have been spent trying to get my game back up to...well, being good.

 I made some pretty glairing mistakes during my first week out ("Huh. He really shouldn't limp with that size stack. And maybe he does have tag-gy stats...but I'm gonna put him in with AJo and....*facepalm* of course he has AK!!") And spent the second week correcting them. Of all the leaks i had to correct there was one that i would say was the biggest and probably most important. And i would say if you conquer this leak, you'll see a dramatic difference at the micros!

Here it comes!


You really, really don't have to call "just to see what the have" or "to keep them honest".  When a player who's been playing rather passively check/raises you, they are not "making a move". They have it. Just fold.  If you think you're beat just let it go. You'll get new cards in your virtual hands soon enough.

So yeah, I've been playing mostly 10 cent 360 turbos. They're pretty fun and quick, but i did take a steep ride downward with my bankroll while I got my game together. Luckily I finally made a final table over the weekend, taking fourth place. And that cash catapulted me...pretty much back to where I started!  But after going over my hand histories from the past week I think i've made some big improvements from the week before. It's only a matter of time til i see some positive results.

Til then i'll just keep riding that 10 cent 360 turbo variance train!


Good luck at the tables!