What's that?

Another guy doing a $10 bankroll challenge??

Let's check his stats (heads to sharkscope)....

Yeah, good luck there buddy!!


So yeah, been a while since I've blogged on here. I do still lurk on the forums here from time to time.  And PSO has always had a place in my heart as the first site I was on to actually learn how to play poker.

Last year was actually pretty good for me, even if i didn't document it. Though I had to remove most of my roll to pay for stuff that came up. Then donked the rest of it away due to a personal matter that left me completely unfocused. Then spent the last couple of months playing freerolls to get my comfidence back.

So i have decided to do the most cliche thing possible and do a $10 bankroll challenge starting today, January 1st!

Because NOONE has EVER done that before!!

Maybe I'll come up with some realistic goals. Something involving a realistic amount of volume considering the amount of time i have for poker and my past results, with studying goals and @#$% IT I WILL HAVE WON $30000 BY THE END OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!

...And who knows, maybe I'll even try to keep this updated!

Good luck at the tables!