Hey guys!

Been a few months since I updated on how things were fairing. Well...it's been kind of a roller coaster...if the roller coaster went specifically downward.

I believe at the height I was around $70something. But a combination of things lead to the "summer of swing":

1. Run bad

Sometimes there's nothing you can do. The cards or situations don't come your way. Hit a string of bad beats. This happens. It's all part of the game.

2. Playing when I was tired

So yeah, basically The only time I could (or I guess would) play was after work. This meant playing after working from 12 to 9 pm. And after getting a bite to eat, I wouldn't start playing til 10. 90 and 180 man games don't run very often at that time. And running deep in one meant playing til 2 or 3 in the morning. At which point I'm pretty tired. And, even as a night owl...really, who wouldn't be.

3. Playing after "having a few"

So, there's been lots of barbecueing and partying going on this summer. So, naturally...sigh...I'd fire up the ol' pokerstars client and play a few games. Usually pretty badly. Not the best thing to do when trying to build a bankroll...

Also, because I've been pretty busy, my volume isn't the greatest. and I've probably overcompensated by playing when i probably shouldn't have.

So, taking all that into account, I've decided that I'm only going to play my sit n go games on my days off. Which means I'll only be playing twice a week, as opposed to the five times a week I was trying for earlier in the year. And, on those days, I'll only play when i'm fully rested, feel like playing, and will set aside a certain amount of time during the day to play. I will continue to multitable, with my focus on playing continueous rather than in sets. I feel pretty comfortable playing 6 tables this way, and will increase tables to 7 when I feel up to it. But my main focus will be on making good decisions with my play. And since I'm only playing 2 days a week(again max, as long as i feel like it), I now can spend other days reviewing my play and studying. Again, I'm kinda switching my focus from volume to making better decisions with my play.

Also, when I come home from a night out, instead of loading up my usual games and donking off my bankroll I'm gonna switch to PLAY MONEY!!!(maybe even switching it over when i head out)

And donk off my play money roll!

Alright, so without further ado, my current bankroll is...da dada daaaaaaaa:

Hmm...after looking at my last update..I think I have some work to do!

Bankroll management:

Downswings suck! They happen, and I've gotten more used to them, and even expect them. But they still suck!

So, looking at what I had come up with in my previous post, and looking at my current roll, I've decided to make a few changes. When I get over $50, I'm gonna start playing the $0.50 180 mans...which I know are turbos...but, with the variance that comes with playing mttsng's I still think it's better than going to the dollar games. Plus, if I'm going to continue playing 180's, there's a certain point when I have to start playing turbos. Might as well do it now and learn to love the variance!

So yeah, gonna keep it to a 100 buy-ins behind bankroll strategy. So I won't be taking on the $1 games til I have over $100.

Also...been watching some of xflixx's grinding it up series. Kinda makes me wanna try it out.  Could be a good way to make money for my sng buy-ins. But...I'm not gonna look into that seriously til I have at least $80 in my roll. I donno...we'll see.

Hopefully the poker gods send some run good my way!

Good luck at the tables!