30 days of not much play

I would like to thank the Stanley Cup playoffs for making my volume so small!


See, the only time a really get to play is after work. And, generally, after work is after 9:30pm. Which was also coincedentally when the Habs games for their run at the stanley cup came on. And, well, playing games after midnight is not the most ideal thing. Still, I managed to get a positive ROI, so that counts for something.


180 days-a look back

When I started this challenge I had about $16 in my Pokerstars account.



It's been a long, hard fought but fun grind. Most of it was played at the 25cent 45 and 90 man games. And I'm pretty happy with my results sofar.


66% ROI over 400 games seems pretty good! Mind you, from what I've read, this can still be considered a small sample size. However, if anything, I think I've proven that I can beat this level, and that it may be time to move up.  More on that in a bit.

So, as amazing as the sng's went, the scheduled tourneys...well...


So yeah, not so good BUT it really accounts for about 18% of total games played and...well...they're just really fun to play.  They're like my fun reward for grinding out the sng's. And if at some point I manage to bink one woohoo!!!!

180 days-a look forward

Going to be making some changes to my bankroll management. I think it's time for me to move up in stakes.  I'm pretty confident in my sng game, and that I've beaten the 25cent level. Because I kinda hate turbos with the passion of a thousand suns  I'm gonna move up to the $1 level. Now, I know that pretty much everywhere I've read has said that you should have 100 buy ins behind. But since I'm not really bothering with the 50 cent level, I can afford to take a shot. If I go below $50 in my roll, I'll move back down to the 25cent level. And have around 200 buy ins behind.

The next level I'll be heading towards is the $2.50 90 mans. I'll be taking a shot at those when I have $125 in my bankroll. BUT if hit that level, but then move back down to the $1 games, my new base point for those will be at $100. Meaning if I go below $100, then I jump back down to the 25cent games. This should help protect the progress I've already made.

I'm also going to slightly alter the volume/ number of tables I'll be playing. Because the 180's don't fill up very quickly after 9pm, I'm only going to play a maximum of 6 tables as a set after work.This means they will consist mostly of 45 mans. Loading up a 180 man at say 11pm could have me up past 3 in the morning. And as much of a night owl as I am, forcing myself to play that late can only hurt my game. So, I'll do those 4 times a week, leaving one work day for me to just relax. My fifth grinding day will be on of my days off.  This will be a good ol' fashioned all day grind day where I try my hand at 6 tabling continuously 180 mans and some mtts. 

The mtt's I've chosen to play are:

11am est $1.10 NL Holdem $2.5K gtd

5:45pm est $1.10 Nl Holdem 1000cap $500 gtd

6pm est $1.10 NL Holdem $2K gtd

7pm est $1.10 NL Holdem $1.5K gtd

This should help keep things fun, maintain progress, while not burning out!

Anyway, this was waaaaaay too long! Congratulations if you made it all the way through!

Good luck at the tables!