April found me not getting nearly as much volume in as I would have liked. I attribute this to going home for an extended Easter weekend to see my parents and to being mostly sick with the flu for the second half of the month after visiting them.  I guess I could have tried to push myself through it, but honestly there was no way I was going to be able to play my A game.  So except for a few tries at luckboxing the hot .55, I just shut down for the most part.

Anyways, giraffe:

The downwardness at the beginning is me AGAIN trying in vain to play turbos. The big uptick at the end was me coming in third in a 55 cent cap game.  Kinda disappointed in that one: villain with similar size stack shoved A4o into my JJ and I didn't hold. Sigh.

In other news: so I played a few fpp satelittes this month for the $1.10 satty for the anniversary sunday storm.  I believe it was like 20 or 30 fpp 9 mans with top 2 getting into the super-satty with seats added?? Anyways, it was a great price and figured I'd just unreg and take the $1.10 in tourney dollars.  Only it wouldn't let me unreg. So I had to play this crazy super-satty with like 30000 other people with I think 1000 seats? So top 3% get in??

Yeah, I didn't get my hopes up!

But hey, this thing happened!

...let's not even talk about how it was a bad call, shall we WOOOHOOOO ROYAL FLUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Good luck at the tables!