Hey guys!

So, after a February which saw me struggle with the 50cent 45/180 turbo games, I decided to switch back to the 25cent 45/90 mans. I also threw in a few of the 55cent cap tournaments, which I played twelve of, so, not a great indication of how I'm doing on those with such a small sample.

However, the 25cent games...

...I think I did pretty well!  

Actually on the last two days I played some 50cent turbos.  I was kinda crunched for time (does life get in the way of poker, or does poker get in the way of life? ) and found myself feeling pretty comfortable at them.

Volume wasn't too bad. Got in 105 tourneys (counting scheduled) with a goal of 120.  Again, a case of life getting in the way, which happens. Poker isn't everything.  

Alright, so for this coming month, gonna start doing sets of 7, up one from the sets of six last month.  Also going to increase bankroll requirements from 50 behind to 60.  Which means I can't move up to the $1 games til i have $60 in my roll.  And I'm going to reintroduce the 50 cent games into the mix. Except, instead of playing just those games til I go down past my limit and switching back to the 25cent games, I'm going to switch between the two.  One day 50cent games, the next 25cent games. This will hopefully keep me moving forward while I get these turbo games down.

Oh also a big thanks to "the powers that be" for the Big Bang tag for my last post! Don't know if I'll be off work for it, but if I am I'll be playing!!

Good luck at the tables!