So we're still in the first level of play of a 25 cent 90 man. Lots of limping, no crazy 3 or four betting or pre-flop shoving at all. One limper in front of me and I have a sexy little suited one gapper.  I decide to call. We've put in less than 3% of our stack so we're getting a good price to play this speculative hand.It's a pretty easy hand to play, essentually hoping to get a few more callers into the pot and flop well.  

...well...i would define this as "flopping well".  But, how to play this to get the most out of it without scaring everyone away?

Player nine folds (???) and player one takes a stab at the pot. Player four calls and I call behind. I figure that I want to keep as many people in the pot as possible and, well, I'm very very VERY much hoping that one of them improves on later streets. Player seven calls. So three other players in the pot, and me with the stone cold nuts...CHA-CHING!!!

Turn comes, and it's checked to me.  This is kind of a decision point.  Alot of people would make a bet here and try to build a pot.  And that might actually be the right move, but I elect to check. I want all of these guys to have another chance to improve and not be scared off in any way. Player seven bets, player one folds, and player four calls. Again, it's back to me.  Now, at this point alot of people would do a check/raise.  But...this seems to be the quintessential go-to play with the nuts. And player 4 seems to not have a strong hand (maybe a paired ten or a flush draw...) and,well, if player seven has the ace high flush we'll be getting it in on the river anyway. I call.

The river pairs the board. Unless someone made a set (more likely player seven than four) or has an 8 in their hand, this is kind of an action killer. Now player four makes a small bet at the pot.  Small flush?  Paired 8 that just made trips??  Anyway, clearly I've delayed it long enough.  Now some people playing the 25cent games might ship it here.  I like to call those people "crazy" (not in the chat box, just at my computer).So I raise it up to $380.  I think a small flush, trip 8's, heck maybe even a paired ten or an overpair will possibly call this.  Player seven folds and player 4 calls, showing trips. would you play a straight flush?