Alot of times when I play these 25cent games and some player has made a clearly donkey- fied mistake ('s a term...look it up) they'll say "Well, it's just a quarter."  

Well, I just took down a 25 cent 90 man!  And let me tell you, it doesn't feel like a quarter.  It doesn't even feel like the $5.78 I got for the win (though it does help with the bankroll climb).  It really feels like an accomplishment.  It feels like a lot of hard work coming together.  It feels great!!!

Taking almost 4 hours to get heads-up and win is the best!  It is this feeling that keeps me coming back to this game, no matter what the buy-in! 

I hope that, even if I become some crazy mass multi-tabling grinder (HA! long way to go there...)or I just stay where I am, that I still enjoy the game like I do now.

Micro grinders: Rejoice!

Yes, I have had some drinks! 

Good luck at the tables!