Well, another month here and gone.  And, as it has pretty much been since I started this little grindy-challengeish thing, the turbos have been the trouble spot. Just can't seem to get any traction in them.  Which is in sharp contrast to my non-turbo game.  Pretty small samples, of course, but after 192 games of non-turbos i have a 48% roi. In comparison, i have a -27% roi in the turbos after 96 games since December.  

So, it should come as no surprise that I've decided to make the non-turbos my primary game.  And not just because I'm doing well in them, though that is a nice thing.  I tend to find it more fun! I like that there's more time in the early stages to play some post-flop poker.  More chances to make big hands and try to out-play people.  Going so quickly to push/fold poker might just not be for me.

I'm still gonna try the occaisional turbo tourney. At a certain point, that's all that's available for 45 and 180 man sng's.  But for now I'll focus on the regs, get some wins down,  and look forward to building my bankroll up to playing the dollar games!

Onward and upward!