Gonna try to bang this out.  Just busted out of the 25cent guarantee tourney and am feeling a bit tired...but good! So here goes.

After doing so well in December I was all ready to hit the virtual felts and try to kick ass at the 50 cent turbos.  Coming off a great run at the 25cent games, i figured it was just a matter of a little adjusting for the turbo format and I'd quickly make my way to the $1 games.

Boy, was I wrong!

Each time I hand enough in my bankroll for the turbo's, I couldn't get anything going.  I'd slip back down, work my bankroll back up in the 25 cent games, take another shot at the turbo games, and then fall back down again.  Rinse and repeat.

And let me tell you, it didn't feel good.  At all.  I was extremely frustrating.  It made me wonder if I actually had any idea what I'm doing in this game. Maybe I've just been luckboxing in the non-turbo games.My confidence in me, and my game, was going down.

I think it's easy to get stuck in that rut, especially in this game where variance (or luck or whatever) can knock you down for quite a while, and pushing edges can be nerve-wrecking.  But you got to be willing to try to improve.  To analyze your game, look at hands, watch how the game flows by not playing but watching other tourneys.  Try to get beyond the whole "nothing's going right" feeling and figure out the "why" of it.

And, you know, sometimes you find out that you do suck!

Ok, maybe not suck, but maybe you find out you are doing something wrong.  In my case,  my push/fold game was totally off.  I was shoving with ranges that were wrong for my stack size at certain points of the game,  Also my late game play was off, making not the greatest icm decisions with, again, inappropriate ranges.  And you know, that's really great! Ok, that it happened wasn't the best thing, but that I found the problem (or at least hope I did) means I can try to fix it!  Also, it did seem that variance was slapping me around (ran pretty bad in coin flips...and when I was ahead! outch!).  But I wouldn't have known that if I stayed in that "woe is me" kinda state.  You have to make the effort in order to improve.

Or if you're happy with how you're game is and don't really feel like putting in work...that's fine too I guess.  whatever makes you happy!  

Anyway, armed with new knowledge and hope, I made my way back to the 50 cent games. And well, back down I went...but it was only a few games and after watching the hands (AK vs AQ...of course their queen got there!) I was still pretty sure I was on track!

Then my confidence got a real boost!

I don't really get to participate in alot of live trainings due to work, but as luck had it I was able to take part in the Sunday Special home games.  And they were turbo games, so I'd get to try out what i'd been working on. It was actually pretty fun playing against people I only knew from reading stuff on the boards and the few live trainings I've took part in.  And people chatted! Actually chatted in the chat box!  Really great time!  Sometimes we forget that poker's a game and, you know...should be fun!  

Anyway, reaaaaaaly long story short, came in 4th in one (The Langolier took me out!), and...came in 1st in another!  It was pretty exciting as it was the last of the games running,with everyone watching!  Woohoo!!

Gah! This is so long!

So, with renewed confidence and vigor I will make my way back to the 50cent games! And I will have fun playing them! And...if I'm still not doing well at the end of the month...maybe I'll stick with non-turbo games!  And have fun playing them!  

tl;dr-AfredR lost his mojo, then found it again!

Good luck at the tables!