Well, kinda failed on keeping up with updates, but will try to make up for it this month. Anyway, definitely want to talk about the bankroll management I'm using for this challenge. It will basically be changing from month to month, depending on how well I do. It will be based on my roi each month. And, yeah, I know starting out I won't have enough games to judge my true roi, but i still still see it as a good barometer considering how i'm doing this.


I am also drunk right now. Always entertaining!

Alright!  So, I will move up if my roi for the month is at or over 20%. Looking at the rates of some players of the games I'm playing, 20% seems more than reasonable.

If my roi is between 20% and 0%, I will stay at my current level.  No need to
go up til i figure I beat the level I'm at.

If I get below 0%...I move down.  Obv something went wrong somewhere and some re-evaluation is needed.

So, yeah, how the levels actually work. For now (cue cut and paste):

level 1:play with 50 behind,
playing 6 games per session at once

level 2: play with 60 behind
Playing 7 games per session at once

level 3:play with 70 behind
playing 8 games per session at once

level 4:play with 80 behind
playing 9 games per session at once

level 5:play with 90 behind
Play 10 games per session at once

And by 50 behind, etc... I mean if I don't have 50 buy-ins for that level, I
move down. So, for example, if i have been at level 1, playing $0.50 buy-in
games, and I my bankroll goes below $25...I move down to $0.25 games.

And, well, it's been a very up and down ride between the micro 25 and 50 cent

but I'll leave that for an update on the challenge thread.  Maybe even

Good luck at the tables!