Hey guys!  Been a PSO member for a while now.  Really enjoy the site but have been little more than a lurker (and occaisional drunken poster ).  And there was that really, really horrible idea of a challenge I had a while ago. There I posted twice' and was using the worst bankroll management possible.

This is gonna be different.

I was really inspired by the time vault challenges that took place last year And, even if there isn't any prizes this year, I've decided to start my own year-long challenge. In truth, I've already started.

At the beginning of December, with about $16 in my account, I decided to play the 25 cent 45 and 90 mans. Playing 6 tables til I reached $25.  Then I'd switch over to 50 cent 45 and 180 mans.  And if I went below $25...well, back down to the 25 cent games I would go!

Well, through some ups and downs (and a miss-regged into a 50 cent 180 that i finished in 3rd) I have managed to get myself up to $34.52.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Anyway, I should get into my goals, bankroll management, and all that good stuff,,,but i should get ready to go to my real job.  I'll probably start up a thread in the challenges section too.  Just wanted to get at least something up to motivate myself to keep posting.

Good luck at the tables!