I set myself some yearly goals at the start of the year in a blog about where i wanted to be by the start of 2015. These were -

Have a comfortable roll to play 10nl cash games.

Final table an MTT field of 5k+

Here is a recap of the first month of my 2014 grind.

As you can see it was pretty terrible to start off, although it doesnt look like ive had a good month at all, i believe that my game has improved so much because of that downswing, before the downswing i was thinking WAY TOO MUCH about the strength of my hand and NOWHERE NEAR ENOUGH on what my opponent has.

That and a lot of run good got me right back up to around $10 down for the month. Then it started again, but this time i didnt fell as bad about it because it was literally all coolers and +EV spots that just went bad. One hand i flopped top set with AA and the guy runner runnered quads with KQo I will link the boom hand below for you guys to see.

So yeah obviously not a great month overall but i am very confident that month 2 of 2014 will be much better than month 1. I know ive still got a long way to go in improving my game however i believe atm my game is good enough to beat 2nl.


Quads Hand

Right so here is a breakdown of month one and some of the smaller goals i set myself to do each month

Start Roll - $97.39

Hands Played (Goal - 5000) - 23,838 

Points Earned (Goal - 500) - 281

Video's Watched (Goal - 4) - 6

Hand's Reviewed in the Forum  (Goal - 4) - 8

End Roll - $91.10

As predicted i played a lot more than 5000 hands These goals were only temporary because i didnt know how much i was going to play for the month.

I think definately more hands for next month, and with more hands come more to post for review so i'm definately upping that goal. I think the videos are fine as they are, i also attented some live training's which are not counted there.

As for the roll i made some deep runs in a couple of the $1 MTT's (mainly 6 max) which brought it back up a bit from the losses i made in cash, but failed to make that final table i wanted

So my re - assesed goals for next month - 

Play 15,000 hands minimum

Earn 200 points minimum (don't think i can go for silverstar status until i at least reach 5nl)

Watch 4 strategy video's for cash games/ 1 or 2 for MTT's 

Review at least 10 hands in the forum's

So there im ready to go for it all guns blazing for february, i may take a 2 stack shot at 5nl if i reach the $110 mark but for now im going to stick and 2nl and try and have a good steady month at the tables!

Thanks for the feedback from the last blog,

Best of luck to any other PSO'ers trying to reach their goals

Back in a month (ish)