If you want to play some poker for free and win some big money, at the moment Pokerstars is definately the place to be, going to use this blog to let you guys know what promotions are going on and the best freerolls to get in on Pokerstars


1. Timeout Freeroll's

There are qualifiers running on Pokerstars every day at the moment to get into the "Timeout Weekly Final" (which is played every sunday) as of where you can go onto play for a guaranteed prize pool of £1000 and 1st place gets a pair of sight seeing passes around London. Not bad for a free tournament

2. Johnathon Ross Freeroll

Basically Johnathon Ross is hosting a charity event this May in Monaco and Pokerstars is giving you a chance to win a seat in the game, and guess what, you can do it for free! Just like the Timeout Freerolls, there are qualifiers running for the finale every day and there is one final tournament where you can play for the seat and £10,000 in prizes!


3. Marbella Festival Freerolls

Pokerstars are giving you the chance to win two tickets to the Marbella Poker Festival on the 8th - 12th of June, the prize will also include tournament entry, hotel for 2, and £500. Great offer and again you can win it all for free! only one paid in this one but its definately worth a shot right? Qualifiers are running for this every day with 50 seats into the final for each one and then its a winner take all format in the final for the package.

4. XFM Daily Freeroll

Pokerstars is offering you another chance to win some cool free stuff, and this time it's 2 gig tickets of your choice, dinner for 2 in a restaurant, hotel, travel expenses and £500 cash! Again like the Marbella there are qualifiers running on Pokerstars every day and as an added incentive the winner of the qualifier will get a £50 iTunes voucher. Great opportunity to win some cool free stuff i say 

All of the freeroll above you can find on the Pokerstars Lobby under Tourney>Private or Tourney>Regional Some of these freeroll are only eligable to play if you are from the UK.

5. Everything Else

Other freeroll include the 100k Privilege Freerolls and all of the PokerSchoolOnline Skill Leagues which are a great challenge and again a brilliant chance to get some free money! Link for details on these below -

Privilege Freerolls

PokerSchool Skill Leagues

Hope you all win some free stuff guys! Message me if you have any questions regarding the freerolls or just comment below.

Cheers guys