I was looking through the Pokerstars blog the other day and came accros this. Seeing that he was up $20k in 3 months gave me some incentive to give it a go, so i looked through some of his videos and his blogs and the challenge and how he was playing it looked real good and fits perfectly with my game (MTT's and MT Sng's)

I decieded to start off at the $0.50 90 and 45 mans at first since this is what acoimbra did and because he lost 30% of his roll on the $1 level in the 1st day

You can keep track of my progress here in my challenge thread, am posting a few hands on there too and would be great to get some feedback from you guys.

This was the first 6 games i played....as you can see i made a great start over 6 buy ins up

Here is my next graph i uploaded it got better from there, after around 45 games i was just over 28 buy ins up.

Unfortunately ive had a run of 8 games with no cashes :/ thats taken me down a bit but still 18 buy ins+ up so all looking good for now, really enjoying it so far and have already learnt a lot about the 90 man turbos

As you can see i still have had no win :/ but for 45 games i think ive had some decent cashes

Any feedback would be great on my challenge thread

If you wanna see any of acoimbra's pages the links are below:

Acoimbra's Youtube page

Acoimbra Blog in english