Right it's about time i wrote another blog since the last one was before the new year and i think it's safe to say i have a lot to talk about

The first thing i had to do before writing this was to look back at my last blog to see what my goals were and where i was at (been way too long)

From what i read it was pretty much the goal to grind out the regular sit n go's for a $1.50 profit, i played these for a while but found my roll wasnt really going anywhere with the little variance, so i looked back at cash, since i had a $200 roll at this point i decided to go straight to 5nl....

This was about february time that i decided to make the switch to cash games from my regualr sit n go games, and it started off very well wining close to $40 in the first 3 or 4 sessions, and the points were good too I managed to make silverstar for the first time on Pokerstars in february and am close to getting there again in Match. So yeah after the big wins i had in 5nl, zoom then came back to bite me, started to get big losses and massive amounts of variance, tilting easily and losing way more than i should be doing and felt like every session i went into was a losing one 

So with that and the fact i wasnt enjoying the cash games i decided to move onto something else, i seem to be doing this a lot lol, but this time i really do want to stick with it and try and grind out as much as i can, and have had a nice start so lets hope it continues. 

Ive decided to go back to what i did best and go for some multi table sit n go's and MTT's to build my roll, since the $0.25 90/45 mans were so profitable for me i am currently gunna grind out the $2.50 sit n go's because of my now larger roll and i "should" have the same success Would be nice to stick to this, written up a thread to help me keep track of how im doing and stay focused. You can keep an eye on im doing there if your interested. One big score in an MTT should set me up nicely, but have had a nice start with the $2.50 90 mans with two 2nd places in the first 8 or so games

I will be hoping to blog more often from now on with my progress but cant guarantee much because of how busy i am atm, lets hope i can find some more time to write up these blogs

Over and out,