The update is in the title, because of my recent battles with variance I have been forced to moved down and play some of the stakes that got me to the roll in the first place, these include the $0.25 cent sit n goes and the occasional $1.50 regular sit n go to get me some points towards my next $10 bonus.

Overall the transition back to the 25 cent sit n goes has gone well, winning like $10 off them so far and looking to push on so I can get back to a comfortable roll again, to keep myself interested I have set up a team challenge with fellow poker player “crago69” where we are going to grind out as many of these 25 cent tourneys as we can until we have the roll to move up and play some bigger games, the roll started at $10 and is already at $23 after about 20 games each so it’s a good start, just got to keep going and try and make some decent money out of it

As for my own sit n go form, I have continued to play a lot of fifty50 tournament which seem to be going well for me however the only downside to them is when you have a bad session it hits your profit hard. So with that in mind I decided to start some regular 9 man sit n goes at the $1.50 level and they seem to be working out kind of well for me making some good profit in the first 10 games so we shall see how that goes if I decide to grind out some more of them

Another thing I’m looking at getting by the end of the year is my remaining VPP’s to get my $10 bonus, I only have 60 to get but with the stakes I’m playing that takes quite a bit :L should be able to easily make it by the end of 2012 though.

Right, I think I’m going to leave it at that for this update, I shall have another in the New Year. Have a good one guys!