Has been a while since i posted that massively long blog post so i thought i'd give you all a little update on how things are going and whats been going on. 

Firstly i would like to announce that i am now part of the team on PSO as a MOD big thanks to Brian "TOO2COO" for giving me a chance, am looking forward to getting started and helping out wirth PSO

Secondly i would like to update you all on my online progress on good ol' Pokerstars, havent really played much cash of late as i havent been on the best of runs (lost $15 on my last session) thought i would take a break and concentrate on a new challenge, sit n go's I've played a lot of small stakes sit n gos before taking part in many cowboy challenges playing mainly $0.25 90 mans, and had a lot of success with them but i never really tried out the STT's so thought i would set myself a challenge - (http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/forum/showthread.php?45056-New-month-new-challenge-%29) not really saying a target number of sit n go's im gonna play, im just gonna literally play as many as i can and make as much profit(and points) possible Hopefully i will be able to make a good run at it and make some good dolla

Lastly i wanted to talk about my live poker experiences lately, i cant really go to the casino very often because of the distance, like over an hours drive away, but i like to go up there and get some live experience, i generally just g o up to play the £20 buy in to hopefully try and make a big score for around £500, would be nice but im not really going up for the money, just for the experience and to have a laugh, moneys just a bonus i've been up three times to play now and unfortunately havent cashed in any but have had a really good time every time ive been, really enjoying my poker atm and wanna concentrate on making some more money so i can go up and play more often.

Gonna keep this one short and sweet as i have to get off my arse and go to work :/ 

Cheers if you read this far Good luck at the tables!