Date Starting Bankroll Hands Played Minutes Played VPP’s Earned Profit/Loss Closing Bankroll
03/04/2012 $52.32 4239 207 49.85 $+7.16 $59.48

Managed to get a lot of hands in today as i had a day off work to grind out a couple of good sessions, real rollercoaster day as every day seems to be at these limits :S
Started off making a small loss of around $2 for the first 1000 hands then pulled it right back to about a $14 profit after just over 2000 hands.
I then started up another session and had a horrible 500 or so hands to destroy my profit to around the $2 mark, this was down to some coolers, like flush over flush, and trips versus trips with a better kicker, set over set had the worst of it every time :O  my luck changed towards the end of the day though, as i managed to start winning some flips and come out with the $7 profit
Happy with the day overall, still yet to hit the bad losing day yet, happy with how i am playing and as long as i keep this up i should reach my goal in no time