Hi all,
Haven't posted a blog for a long time so i thought i would have a go at posting a daily PSO blog on a challenge i am setting myself.
This is to grind my way through the micro's on Pokerstars using the correct bankroll management strategy and turn my $30 bankroll into a $200 bankroll.
I know this isn't a big goal however i have made many unsuccessful deposits on stars in the past and am just looking to get up to a respectable bankroll so that i can move myself out of the micros and into the games where i can win some bigger money  
The mistakes i made with the previous bankrolls i had on stars was that i moved up in stakes when i lost a few buy ins at the cash tables (never ends well) this time im just looking to stick to the same stakes no matter how much i am losing. I have been watching a lot of videos on here lately and been reviewing my hands in previous cash games to try and improve my game and stop the leaks. 
I will be posting daily updates of the amount of hands, profit/loss, and vpp's i have earnt for that day. I will be posting the first day's graph on here later on tonight
thanks for reading if you made it this far,