hi all,
this is my first blog entry and i am going to use this blog to update my progress in my bankroll over a period of time.
I started off with a $10 bankroll on Pokerstars and signed up for the poker school right away, as soon as i did this i looked for some micro stakes videos to get me started and to show me how to get the most value from playing them so i could build my bankroll relatively safely.
I realise that $10 is no enough to use the bankroll management styles that most pro's and coaches suggest but i set it as a challenge to start off with a small bankroll.
This is where i am at so far:
i started of playing the 0.01/0.02 cent stakes and at first i was down most of the sessions i played, however only down by like 40 cent each time. I wanted to find a strategy to use where i could consistently bring out profits and get the maximum value for my good hands against weak micro stakes players.
This is where the "grinding up the micro's" video really helped me, it helped me to learn how to play against the very loose players in these cash games who don't really care about the money.
I have played a lot of micro stakes cash games up to now by playing usually about 4 to 6 tables at a time.
I originally grinded the $8 i had left up to about $13 and managed to consistently bag small wins from each of my sessions.
I then got to the stage where i played enough to get enough VPP's to release the extra $10 for my original deposit bonus therefore i now had around $23 in my bankroll. Going in the right drection at last
From then on i have been able to maximise my profits in a number of sessions, ending up down on session a very small percentage of the time, as i keep playing i feel i am learning more as i go and as long as this good run lasts i'm happy to keep grindng away on the micro cash games.
Just want to to take the opportunity to thank Felix "xflixx" for his great videos that have helped me to learn how to master these limits. I would also like to thank the other coaches - "The Langolier" "ahar010" "19honu62" for all your great vdeos that have helped me to start off building a good bankroll
Will keep updating as to how my bankroll is going,
cheers if you made it this far :wink: