The other day i was the 3of 50  in the almost 40 k prize pool 5.5 dolars  MTT with 7000 people buying in and i was facing a Loose Agressive(2nd in 50 left) player in a raised 9 2 J pot and he went all the way with kj and i had AA and turned the nut flush however the river was a jack offsuit and i lost an almost one million pont and the chance to reconquer by far the chip leader of a tournament with 5 k 1prize to a guy that two hands before limped with j 8 first position and called me three streats with a j k 10 7 8 boar while i was holding ace queen suited.
I learned from that experience that you just have to put it good and maybe be extremely unlucky sometimes but you have to stay always with a positive mentall attitude because in the long term what you will see will be the most skilled with the most money