heey guys,

here is finaly my schedule for next year

first off i want to hit 40k games by the end of august which is 5k games a month

the rist 2 weeks will be 1.50's and hope to be in the 3.50's by 20th janaury.

after that is studying and going for the7's which i hope to reach around march/april the sooner the better.  then going straight for the 15's hope to get thos july/august. if i keep playing the 15's from there i will reach supernova.

hour wise it wil be around 30 hours of playing poker and 5-10 hours of studying sweat sessions and hh reviews.

further i want to post at least twice a weak in my thread that im going to make for it and blog about 3  times every 2 months. further im going to try to be active int the hadn review thread for all the hypers and hope to help everybody here at PSO aswell.

it will be a loooong and big grind but im looking forward to it. now 3 weeks of holliday where ill study some more and then it will begin lets go for it!!!!!

best of luck to everybody here at pso in reaching there last goals for this year and getting ready for next year!