heey guys, 

i know it isnt the end of 2013 yet but i met my 2 goals that where 10k vpps and getting silverstar each month. i have been silverstar every month only decembet to come. why im putting this blog now and not next motnh is because next month on the 14th im going on a nice big holyday im really happy how my game went, i learned to play a new game fairly well ( fixed limit holdem). made some money to go party from (getting second in the hot 3.30). for next year im not certain yet what im going to do but i want to play allot more then this year exctauly. i really hope i can play some more in thes last 30+ days before im going on a holiday. espacialy now with the $1 180 man can be a good practise for next year.

i will keep you guys up to dat on my forum topic


hope you guys have a last few months of the year but wanted to put this out here. decided not to go for 15k vpp's because improving my games is more important atm.

gl al at the tables