heey guys,

it has been a while again i barely have had any time to blog follow live training or be on the forums. mainly because i got choosen for the first team of my waterpolo club which means i have to train at least 3 times a weak. and that together with studying and enjoing live means not to much time for poker. though i have played a few hand and i took a few shots. last month i took a dive into 0.25/0.50 flhe with starting up the tables. since i am a good HU decen shorthanded and decent FR player this is really nice for me. all the donks join the table and the regs that join early arent verry confertable at shorthanded tables. so either there was a bunch of fish or a few regs who werent playing there a games. i mad about $150 in 3 weeks doing this. then i got less and less time to play. and i really enjoyed playing HU. so directly after my first shot i made took my seconbd shot. i started playing 50c/1 FLHE HU this went verry wel at the start but one downswing and i couldt bare to continue with my shot http://imageshack.us/f/198/58jz.png/

even during this time i played a few good table of 0.25/0.50 which i ran terrible and some 50c/1 flhe fr tables and here i just ran so amazingly bad. all the donks got lucky and the regs outplayed me since they had a verry difrent style form the players at 0.25/0.50. her is my graph of all hands of flhe from the last 20 days http://imageshack.us/f/841/1m7g.png/

i actually made a big profit of $2.94 but paid over $250 of rake so i played well and i can beat the players i just cant beat the rake for now.

the next few weeks im going to play mtt's and sng's with the carnival festival promotions running. i might squeeze in som flhe sng's but i will mostly play 6max hypers and HU hypers. further i hope to satty in to the 1 million garenteed 800 millionth tournamentwhich offer gr8 vallue with added tickets and with bad players. will keep you guys update

one funny video i want to share with you guyshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFq9sJMmbEg

gl at the tables all