heey guys,


for all you guys who have followed my blog you know it has been an up and down year for me and that im closing in on the 10k vpp's for this year 3/4 off the way. i havent really been grinding like a job and now i have holiday and im to lazy to get a job so gonna try out poker to see if i can make a couple bucks. so this month will give me allot of time to grind.

you might be thinking his title is a nice chalngen and he is just blabering som old and standard stuff well this is why i made the blog.


pokerstars is having a promo for the dutchies. if you make enough vpp's pokerstars will give you some money i always love free money. will be focusing solley on the tournament side of the promo. i will try and grind 5k vpp's in a month. for some people this is nothing but i never made more than 2k vpp's in a month before so its a big tim challange for me. will se how close we get and well see if it will give me some free money.

talking about free moeny i have been playin in the premier leauge for 2 months now. didnt really grind the games last month i played like 15 this month i played 7 and i binked the last one i played what put me in 170th place on the leaderboard. im 164 atm and am garenteed $20 for free and will be playing some next month.

i will try and post my thread/blog reaguarly. and if you are intersested in the result im getting check out the staking deal i have i post every day that i play there


best of luck in the games all