heey guys it has been a while since i wrote my last blog.

but now something awesome is happening here at pso: THE PSO SOP

http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/articles/PSO-Series-of-Poker?utm_source=client&utm_medium=lobby&utm_campa ign=seriesofpoker

i am intending to play pretty much every game im alreayde registered for all of them going for a hattrick 3 bracelets in one series AND for the leaderboard hop to get top 3  and off course going for 1st. also a goo chance to make a good run for the yearly leaderboard

all the best to all of you who are intending to play.


another think is i have tried a few games and i got totaly hooked to flhe where im doing a chalange right now

best of luck all of you