heey guys,

yesterday i had a grinding day. i made 350 vpp. and $50. played around 7 hours of poker spread around the day. got 8th in a 1.10 rebuy non garentead for $55. and at the and of the day i was just grinding it away to get silverstar and i made it . im realy happy. so i decided to show you my stats of this month it pretty awsome

$905.34 / $1.86

168 / 34.57%

you should take $215 of the profit the program made a mistake with step tickets.

my current bankroll is $661.52 and i have two step 2 tickets. im just looking for a nice game and its looking like i will be playing som mtt's espescialy time mtt's are good valeu. and further i will be playing 3.50 9 man hypers and HU hypers maybe some 2.50 180 man or 1.50 27 man turbos

i would like to here if some of youy guys hav a nice idea for some soft games

gl at the tables all of you