heye guys,

the last few days i havent been playing to much. but at one stupid drunk moment i dicided to play and lost over $10 so that was a litle hit to the stack and then today i decided to grind foor a few hours(1500 hands)

i started realy unlucky when i played my first tournament just to heat a litle up after that only cash gameshttp://www.boomplayer.com/poker-hands/Boom/1169221_DBA1AED116 

i think i dont need to say anything moore about that


then thes 2 showed up



the first one is just unlucky i think but the second one i might hav folded i would like to here your opinion

at last i had one hand where i preety happy with how i played it


but at the end of the session i was up $10.51 but still after a weekend of drunk play im happy to say that my bankroll is still pretty much the same