heey guys,


today was a day where i took my stellar reward to play some fun games but i was running not to well and playing realy bad so blew $10 but that was no problem i just diceded i could have fun with that. after that i went to play some hands at the daily game. mad a nice litle profit.

then went on ZOOMING. played about 1k hands wit just under $1 profit. but i feel realy good about how i played. made some mistakes and got scuked out on some times but that will always happen. her are some interesting hands


i hated how i played this one, i know it was realy realy realy bad but i was tired and after that hand i called it day.


this one i think is just bad luck. i would realy like to here from you guys if that was bad or just unlucky


i know i got sucked out on this one but i still think i didnt play it that well could have easaly been up to 2 pair or a set. would like to hear your opinnions on that one.


last time i totaly forgot to enter my bankroll and what games i wanted to play.

about the last one, i have been fighting myself about that for a long time. went out to play big tournaments and to big SNG's so today i diceded that i would only play full ring cash games and satelittes smaller then $1.

and to wrap it all up. 

old bankroll


new bankroll


so i lost today but i gambled a bit and had fun with my stellar reward. so actualy its a $2.07 winning day