Dear adohole,

Congratulations on earning 750 yearly VPPs and your first VIP Stellar Reward!

Redeem your $10 instant cash reward through the 'Cashier' by selecting the 'VIP Store' and visiting the 'VIP Rewards - 2012' category. Purchase the ‘2012 - 750 VPP Stellar Reward - $10’ for 1 FPP and your VIP Stellar Reward will be immediately available in your account!

The next VIP Stellar Reward is right around the corner! Keep playing to earn 1,500 yearly VPPs for another $10 reward. In total, there are 20 VIP Stellar Rewards worth $1,200!

Learn more about VIP Stellar rewards and how to redeem them by visiting

Enjoy being rewarded!

PokerStars VIP Club