Last week I decided to quit the stable  and play on my own bankroll. I did that because I was not putting in volume as they expect from me. I realized after all these years that I am not the type of person who can do multi tabling for 12 hours non-stop  I can only play good game for 4-5 hours max and can handle 2-3 tables properly with full focus.

Instead of playing nine $5 MTT at one time, maybe I can play three 15$ MTTs so buy-ins for the session remains same  But overall this will not generate same ROI coz if I play 10 MTTs chances are I go ultra-deep in 1 but if I play 3-4 I might brick whole session. If I go to a professional he will still suggest 10 tabling small games  rather then big buy-in few games.

But I am not getting success with multi-tabling. I seem to play better, keep mental composure, win more when playing only 2-3 games Every online stable expects you to put up huge volume so I don't think I will be joining one soon but I can still play live poker in a staking deal coz that's 1 tabling & where I think I got more edge

I am not playing on Pokerstars much coz I noticed its too much reg infested  from $5+ buy-in MTTs hardly a fish unless it's peak hour on weekend night. I am playing on other small websites which has easy player  as they are new to the game. If Pokerstars has got most no. of fishes then it also has most no. of pro's so it balances  Only micro stakes on Pokerstars is the best deal at the moment.

I am thinking what else I can do to improve in poker coz I think I am stuck at 1 particular level  it might be like 35/100 level I am not sure but I have to find a way to keep going up or else poker will start becoming boring, no more fun, frustrating & half hearted passion  I know many players who are happy playing same way they've been playing 5 years back & they just don't ever get thought in their head about going forward in poker so I can't blame them that they don't want to learn because "To learn you need to first have  thought that you want to learn" But thing is those those type of people remain happier in life who are satisfied with what they know and what they have in life & people like me will always want to know more & more so will always be unhappy  with oneself.

I think it's more then enough for 1 blog or else people will close the browser if if I write 1 more paragraph GL in poker and life  till next time !