It's been a long time since I wrote a blog. I was playing MTT from $5 to $27 on my own from 2-3 years but this year I have been losing a lot, almost lost 3/4th of my bankroll. So 1 month back I decided to join a stable they provide me money for games and free coaching session in group & 1 on 1.

The coach analyzed hands and found out too many mistakes I've been making without even knowing they are mistakes coz I was thinking this is right thing to do here but until someone else tells you it's a mistake you would never know it. So even if you are winnning ask a good player to check your hands, he will surely find out many leaks.

Coach told me that I can't be playing MTTs as my game is not good enough so he put me in SNGs 45-man turbo as he wanted to make my preflop game perfect before moving to postflop gameplay. I benefited from it a lot specially I am playing loser then before. He told me I have been a uber nit so need to start playing lose game even if I bust doesn't matter, coz playing like a nit has got me nowhere.

I got to a good start in staking then from last 1 week I am losing every session and I figured out it is because I am not mentally sound at the moment. I am dealing with family pressure & bit of money pressure which has affected my game and I have gone back to playing old ways.

I spoke to coach he told me to not play or talk about poker for 1 week, stop eating junk food, go jogging 1 hour daily & do something whole day which is not related to poker. Today is the 1st day, I am on PSO even though I should not be on poker websites lol  but I think this is more of a journal/blog post then poker related.

I think dealing with the mental aspect of the game is the biggest factor in poker specially when you are dependent only on poker for living. If you lose for months you will be off your game plus you will go into depression or panic. Every poker player goes into this phase but the key is to knowing how to come out from this spell as fast as possible and play like how you've been playing 1 year back.

I don't know many solution to this problem so I am gonna do as coach is advising me and maybe I should get a new hobby so it's just not poker all the time. Like everytime I am free I just look for tournaments, there should be some other good hobby other then watching TV coz that's not gonna help. I will make my plan for 1 week with non-poker related activities and see how it goes.

Thanks for reading this sad blog . You can leave suggestions if you have any tips or advice.