I haven't playing live cash games at all from last 1.5 months since my accident . So I played two sessions this week, one on tuesday and one today on wednesday. I was playing 400NL, $2/$4 and I won $1400 on tuesday  & only $200 on wednesday. Reason that I won big on tuesday was simple I was coolering most players and was on a heater. Wednesday I was not hittting flops and making big hands so I won little & quit the session as I knew that's the max I can win today .

Tuesday night when I was heading back home I was happy and confident as I pretty much won close to 4 buyins . I knew if I had stayed on that table for 2 more hours I would have won more as I was on beast mode . But I got up mainly coz I played 4 hours so I would no longer play my A+ game most probably will drop down to B game . Also there is one important rule never sit with more then 5% of your bankroll on the table which I always stick to.

I am doing great  on the days when I am running hot & hitting flops everytime. But I am struggling to win loads of cash when I am running normal or okay . Even though I am winning I am not happy with my game coz I feel I am stuck at one level and not going above it . Like I know the other player's tendencies and game style but I don't know how can I exploit it to my advantage . It's like you know there weakness and betting patterns but don't know in which way you can exploit them to win more money .

For instance I am finding it tough to exploit tight/passive players , you can check my forum post and plz share suggestions/any tips you have for me here:


I am more comfortable playing live poker  then online as I started out live only and for 2 years I played 95% live and 5% online. Then in last 2 years I shifted to 80% online & 20% live poker. And in those 2 years live cash games have changed a lot people become tight/nits. Gone are the days when you had players check-shoving on the flop  with open-ender and flush draws. Games are no longer shove fest and donkaments. They have little clue of what hands their opponents could have and atleast they become tighter & less spewy and not trying insane move or idiotic wrong timed bluffs 

I will try to continue winning spree  and will learn more ways to adjust & try to come up with more strategies to maximize profit against them 

PS: Plz share your tips/advice on the link above.  Even if it's a basic baby tip or ABC poker tip I would like to know and use them to become more solid player