I am not going to talk about poker hands or any other poker game storties. Lately I have been thinking about the Hand Analysis section that is on the PSO website. You all must have seen most hands from me on that forum section.

I can proudly say that I have miss-used that free hand review section help given by  PSO Trainer, Hand Analyzer, mods, etc. Really sometimes I feel guilty that I have used that section to get so many hand reviews done for myself which no other person would do for me on daily basis not even my best poker friend, even he will get tired of me asking him about 5 hands everyday.

I want to thank Dave, Spand42, JWK, Ahar & Chewme for doing so many hand reviews of mine. I guess I have posted like 100 hands maybe more on PSO in last 9 months. But I got proper analysis everytime and best answers to my hand related poker question & doubts.

All the time I spent in PSO I have developed an image of all the hand analyzers like what there tendencies are in general. I will talk about it all. Please don't get offended I will not say bad things for anyone , you can see it as a chance to know what your public image is or how other people think of you as hand analyzer. Remember I am not here to judge anyone as all the people on PSO board are far better player then me.

So I will start now :-

1. Dave : I personally want him to review most of my hands as he thinks about the hand not just like a pro's perspective but he is capable of thinking of a hand as fish's (mine ) point of view. So he knows exactly in what way I am thinking and how the other people thinks at the table. All in all I can say he think out of the box which is tough job. For god's sake he even cops with my non-stop questions and doubts on the forum without getting frustated 

2. Spand42 : Andy don't review a lot of hands but I know he plays a lot on PS and similar tournies then mine so most of his answers match my thinking pattern because he knows what players are like these days on the stakes that we play. So spand is like bang on with my line. He thinks of a hand straight forward  and not going in too much detail which is sometimes good because as we know too much information and over-thinking is bad in life/poker

3. JWK : John has done the most no. of hand reviews for me, hats off to him for not banning me  LOL as I pester him a lot with my question. But JWK thinks in limited standard ways, like with the bet size and hand ranges,etc. He wants me to be consitant with those. He likes to stick to ABC poker which is not bad at all for micro stakes. But I want to see JWK do more creative and experimental things with the way a hand can be played. Like we all know standard line are standard for a reason but sometimes doing FPS (Fancy Play Syndrome) can yield better results against some opponents but you should have a control of that situation, not like if it's time to fold & you are trying desperately to win the pot by bluffing.

JWK's made my poker basic all solid. From his help my basics are much better like what starting hands to play, how to proceed postflop, how to play draws, what bet size to choose, etc. JWK basic knowledge is super solid and workable/profitable at the stakes I play.

4. Ahar010 : He did like 1-2 hands for me. I find him funny and cool, don't know much about his thought process. But he seems calm and helpful. Plus I never seen him get angry or frustrated in training also.

5. Chewme1 : Chris gives very short and straight to the point answers like in yes or no. Don't get too much into depth and it's really not required in micro stakes. But the difference with chew is when he analysis my hand there is no further discussion needed 95% of the time his first answer cover's all the doubts and aspects of the hand. So chew is most sorted and simplest in that way. Plus he is good entertainer in training on sunday's too  LOL

* I also want to thank nananoko for making guest appearance on my hand review post.

I was also thinking about all the live training classes I attended on PSO and what I think of all the trainers there. I have my own opinion about them all in a good way.

So lets start: 

1. Dave: He is the most liked trainer on the PSO, main reason is he never leaves any hand review class incomplete even if he has to go overtime like 2 hours to complete the hand review. Everyone on the PSO appreciate that and loves the bonus time. Also dave everytime answers all the queries, rarely misses anybody's question in chat no matter how silly the question is. I think I have the silliest question so I know that he doesn't ignore me. I used to ask offtopic question a lot in the beginning but ever since he told me to be on topic I try to ask only poker questions.

2. Chewme1 : Chris's classes are fun and I can certainly say if a person who is attending his first training on PSO and it happens to be of chewme1's then he will come back to PSO for sure. Chris is the best entertainer and he plays ABCDE solid poker. Don't get too fancy but that's not required in micros. Chewme also sings for us so nobody can beat that LOL . Chewme in his every class focus on basic stuff a lot & repeat them so that no one forgets it and new member who are attending class for first time don't feel like we are talking all high stakes or super advanced poker jargon. Like chew told us 899 times that we will only flop a pair 1 in 3 times 

3. xflixx : I like him too as he always answers people's queries in chatbox. Also he is most polite and don't take anything too seriously. In short with felix you won't feel like you are being coached by Pokerstars Team Pro. He makes you feel like you are his buddy. Most down to earth person and not proudy about his achievements of being a PS Pro (It doesn't mean other PS pros are arrogant , it will be stupid assumption as I never known personally other then felix and frosty). He will answer everything you ask in polite way and he is also friendly & open person.

4. Gareth : Gareth likes to keep things simple & straight on topic, he is the most strict coach. He doesn't like to waste time. But I am fan of his game, he plays good loose/aggrro and controlled poker. He also answers each & every question in chat but he doesn't tolerate spam or swear words in chat. I am not sure but I think Gareth has the record for most no. of people banned from training LOL . Don't take it seriously Gareth, I am scared of you really. I have to think 3 times before asking you a poker question. But seriously you have the most top level poker knowledge and you breakdown a hand perfectly when doing hand review class covering each & everything before anyone even get chance to ask.

5. FROSTY012 : Frosty talks in training about things that I can say 20% of people won't understand  Because he jumps to advanced stuff which I like coz I can understand what he is saying. He is playing on a different level above from ABC poker and also shares his thoughts nicely when he does the hand analysis. Like goes through every possible scenario and he even has good tips & strategy about some sitaution that he spreads to the PSO'ers. Frosty is also super cool and not even 0.01% snotty, you won't know if he is a PS Team pro or your friend. Coz he behaves like he is no different from us. Which makes people comfortable and they can ask him any question without hessitation of embarrassment. Frosty is a great PSO'ers friend just like Felix. Both are my fav PS Team Pros.

6. Ahar010 : Best thing about andy is his accent the way he pronounces people screen names makes the class itself funny and interesting LOL  On a serious note I never seen andy frustrated or irritated in any of his trainings no matter how silly people behave in chat (Me included) also no matter how sick beat he gets while playing. His poker answers are shortest and simplest for a beginner poker player to understand. I also personally find him friendly, helpful and coolest trainer.

I want to thanks all the hand analyzers and trainer's one more time as whatever they did for me, no friend would even do. You'll do very hard work doing so many the hand analysis daily plus even satisfying people with 1000 questions like me 

And a message for all the people who are new to the PSO & reading this blog. I would strongly suggest you all to try the hand analysis forum as it will give you insight on a hand from a pro's eye which no average player would be able to tell you. Also attend live trainings regularly I am sure even if you are in the class and not paying attention 100% even then after 2 months your game will improve a lot plus live trainings are lot fun and not like school classes LOL 

PS: I will cut down on the hand reviews. Guilt is eating me as I have been bad boy on PSO taking too much advantage of free hand reviews 

GL to all the new member on PSO and all old members of PSO should start posting hands for review too, it will make you better player in no time.