I had a dream that is very different and weird. I was able to time travel. So one day I got a machine which can take me back in time. I get into it and I fall asleep, when I wake up I was in 1999. I got inside my home and saw my family. My younger brother was 4 years old but he was able to recognize me. It was very touchy to see him little like a baby.

Then I told my family I came from 2014. I went outside my home and the neighbours sees me, my father said to them that I told you that my son will come from the future they all look amazed but they believe it quickly that I travelled time. My uncle (lets call him uncle 1) who lives in front of my house was standing outside with one more person we can call him uncle 2 and my father they were discussing the paper form that they had to fill to get SIM card for the new mobile. So uncle 1 had all the papers in his hand and saying that we had to do this and that to get a mobile connection.

Then I showed them my new generation mobile, and they were all surprised that what kind of device is this. It was 1999 so it was not as shocking coz camera, iPod & mobile were familiar with the people but not too much.

My mother told me to wait till next morning, sleep at home and go back in the morning. I said it will be a long time I will be away in 2014 so my family there will be worried. I remember my house didn't look good in 1999, it was bit empty didn't had lot of stuff like furniture or electric appliances, no AC, no car, no computer, etc.

It all felt very touching and at the same time I was feeling like I want to go back to 2014 this is very strange and I might faint as everything around me 15 years back looks old and empty streets not many people, not many cars, houses are not that fancy.

So when I was going back to 2014 my uncle 1 said if he can go with me and he will return after few hours, he wants to see how it's like after 15 years. Then my father explained this power to time travel is only in our family genes. So no other person can do that even if he tries to use to same machine and same method.

Just when I was about to leave I saw my grandfather (he died in 2012), so I asked him to come with me. My grandfather and I goto the machine & once again it felt we are falling into deep sleep and we wake up in the present. My family here was surprised to see him, we all told him what he did from 1999-2012 and how he was as a person, whether he fall sick and what did he used to do all the time at home.

When I was in the past I thought of changing some things like going to a different school, telling my family that once I complete school get my admission done in hotel management with my best friend. But I realized if I change so many things in past then it will reflect in the future, I don't know how and what I will be if my school/college life had been different.

So I decided to let it be how it is no matter it was tough days or bad days in the past. I don't want to see myself anything other then what I am now as a poker player. I don't want to wake up in 2014 being a regular office 10 to 5 job person or I could be in worse situtation who knows. Taking a different path in life doesn't mean you will become a better person in future. Suppose I had gone to a good college or academy there is no guarantee that after 15 years I will be a millionaire or a jobless person.

I said to myself I am good how I am now and don't want to live a different life. I was afraid of taking the gamble to change past in order to better my present because as I said getting into good college, etc doesn't mean you will be happy and satisfied in future, you can even be totally broke trying to do some business.

I want things to be how it is currently no matter how much bad it is according to me, it is still much better than millions of poor people around the world. I don't know if I can do anything else in life other than playing poker now.

I realized even if you are given the option to change things about yourself in the past you will be scared of doing it as you don't know what your present can be. Maybe you want to change few things like if you lost someone you care in an accident or due to illness. But I think most of the people will say let it be how it is, it's my life I am used to it and I will live through it. I don't want to take gamble of changing my decisions in the past in hope of improving my future.

Share your views in the comment & tell us what things you would like to change if you get option to go back in time.