Day before yesterday I went to my regular poker place I ended up being 1 of the 2 winners at the table with $300 profit. It was 100NL. Those player who were losing were tilted they bet middle pair I raise them and they fold. Coz my table image is feared by them all. They think I flop sets all the time.

But ultimately I did pulled some big moves and I also got bluffed once. We all were 400BB deep.

So the table was full 9 handed UTG+1 limps for $1, I limp with from cut-off, loose player on the BB who was raising every hand made the raise to $10. UTG+1 Player calls $10 and I limp-raise to $30, they both call. Flop is , they both check to me now I had to decide to c-bet on this flop or not. I know the BB player is maniac calling station and if I c-bet and get raised I would be denied of my equity to see the flush draw. But if I don't c-bet and give up that's a bad spew. Then after thinking that what if I get check-raised by some and I will not be able to see my flush.

So I checked turn is , so board is super wet and I have . BB check, UTG+1 bets $50 into the pot of $90, he had a stack of $110 so he put nearly 40% of his chips on the turn now I had to decide if I should call or not because he looks pot commited by putting 40% of his remaining stack on the turn. I thought for a while the pot odds were not in my favor even though I had a bottom pair and a flush draw plus BB player could also have a hand on that board. But in the end I fold, BB player fold. UTG+1 players shows

So then I thought about the hand and came to conclusion that if the board didn't gave me a pair and a flush draw on the flop I would be firing on any board, but this flop was semi favourable to my hand which stopped me from c-betting. I wish board was any random cards and not giving me flush draw. I would fire on the flop and turn as I repped AA KK preflop by making that check-raise. So that flop ruined my plan giving me so many outs that I didn't had to attempt bluff.

Later I asked UTG+1 guy how you did it, he said I put 40% stack in to give the illusion that I am pot-commited making everyone think of the river as the rest 60% stack will also go in on the river what will they do then. So they had to think of all $110 right there on the turn.

Later that night I made use of that trick putting my 40% stack preflop with .gif" width="25">.gif" width="25"> preflop as 4-bet giving illusion I am pot commited with a big hand and the maniac player folded his there.