I have been banned from two live poker card rooms where I used to play $1/$1. Now only one 100NL place is left which is new and rest are 200NL or higher which are bigger for my BR. Getting banned means I will no longer be able to earn money.

I got banned because 3-4 regular fishes on that table hates me, they always lose to me then later they say to the owner that I play too tight. It's not my fault if they put me on nuts every hand, I play less hands but 90% hands I play I win and we know that 90% times I can't have nuts so I bluff them off but they put me on nuts and folds saying he is a nit he has AA. I never show them my bluff coz thats how I take advantage of my image.

Plus if the whole table is playing loose why should I spew off. I play tight when they are loose when everyone is tight I play loose as we know the drill.

So those 4-5 fishes are the rake makers of those card rooms as they loose 7-8 buyins every day playing huge pots with draws and middle pair. So owner of the card-room don't want those players to not come just coz of one grinder.

When I spoke to owner privately he said I have no problem with you, but you play too pro and these players are recreationals they don't like grinders and 3-4 players hates me just coz everytime there is a showdown I have the best hand. And this is because I only take the best hands to the showdown if I am beat I fold the hand by the turn or on river so obviously if I am taking a hand to showdown I have to be sure I have the best hand or else I will muck it on earlier street or attempt a bluff.

I remember last time I went there those fishes said in a cunning way that you win everytime and go home, next time before leaving let us know 1-2 hours prior and plz tip the whole table. I won like 9/10 sessions there.

Those players are still losing when I am not going there. It's not like they will be winning if I am not there but they think they lose becoz I play tight and never bluff. And to spoil/change my table image I don't want to show them bluffs. As that's my natural play to be tight and make them think I have nuts every hand. I don't goto showdown often but when I do I 90% I have the best hand.

So poker room owner told me that once those fishes go broke or stop coming I will invite you back. But the truth is the poker room manager loves those players over me as they play big pots which gives them huge rake.

I am not saying I am the best player but for some reason player are feared of how I play and don't want to enter pots with me. Behind my back people say that I play too tight and always have nuts. I don't want to show bluffs to convince them that I do bluff as it's free information which means I am giving them license to out-play me.

I remember once I was playing a tournament at a poker room and I got busted so I had to return some money to a friend who was playing in a different poker room we call it the South Point Club. I was the reg at SPC, so I called him and said where can I give you money he said I am playing at SPC come here and give me the money. So on my way back from where I was playing tournament I went to SPC, two doctors over there were playing and they hate me. So once I entered they said plz don't play take $25 chip and leave. I said OKAY and took the chip cashed it out and return the money to my friend who was playing there. As only I knew that I was not there to play at all I was there to return money but those doctor thought I am there for game so they gave me money to not play.

But they still think I was a meek or stingy guy who took $25 and didn't play poker after coming that far. I let them believe as they want, only me and my friend knows I was not there for game as I was tired after playing 5 hours tourny.

Conclusion :

What the poker room owner doesn't realize its that the players like me who are pros will be there customer for lifetime. I will be still looking for a game 30 years later. But those fishes once they go broke in a year or two as they will eventually lose to RAKE and other players, will stop coming. It's players like me who will come regular. But the poker owners are greedy for short term big profits and don't want to upset there 4-5 reg fishes who are there friends (Poker room owners will obviously befriend the fishes as they are his money making machine)

PS: I wish I can get back to that games as I can win 3 buyins in 2 hours there easily.