allo Friends,wishing you all a very nice weekend and Best of luck for the upcoming big online event in pokerstars. Yeah,right I am talking about the "SCOOP",a very nice event and timing is also great.


Today,I am here with some old memory of happy moments.Yes,last MM event I won 50$ and my poker journey was started right way,but as you all know that happiness also bring sadness with it.

After that event,I had some major physical problem diagonised and I was upset.,because nearly for the 2 years,I was suffering from liver problems and now its quite ok.But thefact is,my chess career and poker career is seemed to be doomed.I was directed to be away from the computers and laptops.It was the most hardest part of these 2 years for me.

But,now the picture is changed and for better you can say,because now my physical condition is quite ok and doctor told me,now I can use my desktop and I am very happy.

What is more happiest thing for me is that "Scoop" is knocking at the door.What a time and after that MM cash now I am very much prepared for this event and now I can say that I will go deep for sure.

In my childhood,I read that "Health Is Wealth" but now I realized that,so from now on I will very much care for my health and poker make me wealthy. 

My nice ending note is"Play Poker" but always keep care your-self which I learned from these 2 years.Physical fitness is the most important thing in any game.

So keep fit and play poker and again Best Of Luck with your Scoop Event !!!