Hi friends,I am Rony [27yrs]living in a small town in India with my Parents and brother. I am student of English Literature and also like to read many subjects of different interests,which is very profitable for me as it pours more knowledge into myself and I also get the taste of fullfilling my enthusiasm.


Ok,as now you all get my intro,you can understand that I am a kind of  person who wants to be a More knowledgeable person and in the mean time wants to help the poor  with my knowledge,because you know that " Knowledge Is Money ".  

I don't have enough money to help them out but I have knowledge which is a virtual asset I can convert to Money.I think you can understand my point !!

Friends,from my childhood I was very addicted to the braingames and intellectual activities which is indeed seems boring most of the child at that time. As a result,I picked up chess as my hobby  at first but more time passed and I was being more addicted to it until one day I decided to take it as my profession!

Yes,I am a professional chess player with my fide ratings[1862],I have set my goal to become a GM too,but is very difficult to achieve as per my age. I know it but I have a motto which is very clear and that is "Never Give Up" !!

Chess has helped me a lot, yes I have tremedously devloped my concentration level and my  Mental strength.It has also help me when I was struggling very hard in my life from all aspects,it has given me support all the time I needed !!

Ok so far,I told you everything about me and my background but anything about poker.

It was perhaps an accident that I started playing poker,yes really frinds! I started playing poker from january this year[2014] and it was merely an accident,why?

I was just searching youtube videos of online games and noticed a catchy phrase popping into my eye.what was that? That was a pokerstars "Sunday Million" video. At first,I thought perhaps it was like I play with virtual chip but I couldn't resist my curiosity and started the video and watched the whole show.

When it was over and the amount shown in the screen with the name of winner,I though It is not real. So much money from a online tournament,I was skeptial but also I am a optimistic person    So,I watched some more videos and eventually eneded landing in Pokerstars.tv site!

I was amazed seeing that so much information,but slowly I advanced in and read and watched all the EPT season videos with more dynamism approach and felt confident that I also can do this,as you know my motto..........I never Give Up!

So,few more weeks passed on and did everything I need to learn Poker and surprisingly,I did it with very few time frames,perhaps chess heped me a lot to grasp anything very quickly!!

From that day on,I am on my journey to Poker and hope to be a Poker Pro in near future,no I am not abondoning my Chess,but now have more pressure on me,but I like it friends,surely!!

Now,I want to finish this topic with a positive note that "Life Is Beautiful,Only We Can Make It Good Or Worse"........Means Your life depends on your correct decisions which you have to take and Only you can change your life to get better,so "Choose Your Path Wisely " friends !!

And one more thing,dont ever think that your weakness as your obstacles,because without weakness or failure you can't realize the true potential of Strength or Success!!

Always believe in yourself and you will have your success for surely my friends!

Have a nice day friends,and I will be back here again with some of my good and bad games and we can also discuss about it !!

I will enjoy your comments and your thought,bye bye for now !!