Entry No.2 - A Trying First Week

So, this week started off really badly as I lost all the profit I had previously made within the first 30 minutes of playing. There were a couple of really stupid mistakes and a hand where my open ended straight never hit. Luckily I decided to give poker a break for the rest of that day. I managed to make the money up later in the week but then another downward turn struck. This week just felt like an uphill battle from the word go. Since that point though, I can do no wrong! I’ve been flying at 50 BB/100 for the last 1300 hands.

I’ve found zoom poker to be tougher to beat so far. I think this is mainly due to everybody playing a lot tighter on zoom. There is also the issue of my HUD not working on zoom, but I don’t mind this too much. Yes it would be a great tool to have but its also nice to just play the hand and not have the screen cluttered with numbers. I’ve played more of zoom poker just because it’s a lot less hassle than the normal games. Every time I find a good table I find the same regs joining the table a couple of minutes later.

A few goals for the upcoming week:
To start multi-tabling with zoom poker, and to add a third table when I’m playing the normal ring games. I’ve got the first deposit bonus to clear and I would ideally like to get it all. I think more volume is a better idea than moving up the stakes too early and putting my bankroll at risk. Other than that I would like to play more hands. Every time the day is going well I get the urge to stop playing just so that I have a positive result. I’m not going to get very far if I stop every time I’m 50 cents up!!

Thank you for the kind comments in last week’s blog, it means a lot. Good luck at the tables!

Total Hands: 3267
Total Profit: $13.28


Here's an interesting hand i played. I know that post-flop I made a few mistakes but I'm interested to know if you guys would have called/raised on the river. (villain 4 had pocket 4s) Thanks!