So far this March, I am off to my greatest start in the PSO league. (Knock on wood):mrgreen:   I am currently 48th and should be about in the range of 50th to 75th with the update . I have really noticted a improvement in my game. I never imagined that I would be in the top 100. I have learned alot the past couple of months about poker in general. Poker is very similar to a sportings event. It takes time, patience, and the will to learn the game. Speaking of patience, I have been more patient with my game. I have only been running one PSO tourney table at a time, unless I am still in from the previous PSO tourney (Thats when you know you are doing good! :-P   Theres is a big difference from running one table compared to three or four. So maybe one day when I get my bankroll back up I will attempt this again. For now I will stick to mostly 1 table at a time, but no more than 2 tables at once.