My goal was to get into the top 100 at the end of the month. I was debatiing whether or not to play in more games this month and camp in the 30.00 range* I was in about 176th place eariler and took a horrific beat down and probably scored -20.00. However, I am currenlty in the money in PSO tourney running now. So I should at least be back to where I was or maybe even gain a few points. " If I don't make it, I "ll be Damn Close" :wink:
I am also running my own "Zero to Hero Challange" currenlty broke, but this will change Tues. Morning after the standings.So tommorrow I am not sure If I will play in the league, since I am trying to Re build my bank roll back up from nothing, and 30 dollars sure sounds like a million. LOL. However, I am wondering what I should play? Maybe .01 cent/.02 cent and .10 cent  S and G's. ( Any one have advice on what to do?) I have also obtained 2 Weekly Freeroll tickets for round 2. One From Stud Hi/Lo and the other Omaha Hi Lo.
Well the Beans are done. Gl on and off the Felt. :wink: