Hello Poker Stars members, this is my first blog writing here, and I would like to introduce myself  at the beginning. My name is Alexander Pantic, I live in Serbia, in a small town called Uzice / 70 k residents / wellknown as hometown of  Nemanja Vidic, the captain of MUFC.                                                                                    During last month, I was taking part  in Premier Skill League, for the first time. It was quite new experience  for me, because I've never played at this kind of tournament  yet.  Otherwise, I've been playing texas hold'em for less than a year. Before Premier Skill League, I participated in several Open Skill tournaments, my best ranking was about 50. My first  impresion about playing in Premier Skill League is that players are much more serious, there is less bluffing than in Open Skill League, and the game itself is much more interesting. About 25th October, my ranking was 5, but at the end of the month I finished in 21st position. I'm very satisfied about my ranking, especially it was my first participation in PSL.                                      By the way, I like chating with the other players while I play poker, so I met some very kind, polite and friendly mood people such as zzHONEYBEEzz from Canada, PixieDixie from Wales,superk from Germany, wolfguy from Canada,PawelFlush from Poland,CorkiePoker from Ireland,signsix from Canada,LIL KOMODO  from Canada, etc.. Also, I met  a few people who are rude and unpolite, but I won't named them here. At the end I need to say I liked PSL a lot, and I'm looking forward my next participation in it. Best wishes to all of you and a lot of greetings from Serbia !!!!