So feb didn't go well. I lost all my profit from Jan. I did more than double my volume in Feb, but at the cost of my winrate and enjoyment!


Here's my total graph for this challenge:


So, not exactly terrible but not too great either. With bonus I am up to $200, so I am playing more 10nl now.


In tota Ive played 14606 hands at 10nl zoom and raked $127.93, at 5nl I've pleayed 26902 hands and raked a $ 107.82. I've payed $235.85 in rake in 41512 hands at 5 and 10nl! That is one hell of an obstacle to overcome, so getting my VIP status up into Gold Status is my prioriy, but I can't do that without playing at least 10nl for longer sessions.. so it's a bit of a trap!


Winrate is 2.62bb/100 over the whole sample, so I am happy with that. Around 100,000 hands in I hope to have a winrate closer to 4bb/100 and taking a shot at 25nl!