Just finished up reading Building a Bankroll by Veneer, it was good, but not ground breaking for me, but since I've been playing poker for about 5 years now I will be fair to the book and say if I was a newbie it would have saved me many years of guesswork!

Here's updated graph, BR is now $234, so I'm pleased very much with the first month, 20buyins in less than 10,000 hands is my record for any 10k hand stretch

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So I am pleased with results, but not with volume. I only played about 9 hours in all of January! Thankfully that was enough time for me to move up from 5nl to 10nl. Starting with $100, I made $134 profit in winnings and bonus. I lost Godstar status though due to the lack of hours but made silverstar.

So the goal in February is to play at least double that volume. At first, I thought I could put in 40-50 hours a month all year, but in reality for me it is not likely given that I have a fulltime job. Since I treat poker seriously it also feels like a second job too. It's not something I do for a thrill or entertainment anymore. That old thrill mindset I had too long was detremental and now that it is finally gone I am playing to win and to maximize my profits while I am at the table.

So Feb goals are 20hours of my best poker at 10nl.


Run good